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Our Story

NexNix is an unusual name now-a-days, but back in 1990 there was a lot of competition between the  brave new world of  Mips, Motorola  and Intel chip machines. Steve Jobs came out with the devastating NeXT  WYSIWYG monitored computer. These different architecture computers all ran their own flavour of Unix.
So the NexNix name was born by taking the first 3 letters of the NeXT computer and the last 3 letters of Unix. If you view the NexNix charriot below you can see all the different Op/Sys we had talking on the same network (charriot).

Over the last 30 years we had many landmark moments which started by building a multi user machine out of a PC as opposed to a much more expensive midi computer, with dumb terminals. Along the way we also engineered Sun workstations into PC file server boxes using licensed motherboards.

We were early integrators for building 2U boxes for rendering and server farms, and
 producing solutions which placed 2 side by side A4 sheets on a 21" monitor, all of which seem very minor today. 

Our first 50" plasma sale (a monitor) we sold at cost to
a colleague for £10,000.00
Now we are living in a time where Moore's Law will soon see a price of a couple of hundred pounds that will purchase a TV with widely functional apps.
The graphics side of the business took us into projectors, both Home Cinema and Installation. 
While we still made video  file servers  and developed some very early passive 3D kit.
Our range of projectors and screens has been bolstered by the flexibility of Goo Projector Paint. Which has enabled our past expertise to assist our clients with their project work. Coupled with Russ's past knowledge working for the paint manufacturer JW Bollom.

We still work with our clients as partners to deliver suitable solutions for varied projects with a passion for the latest technology.


NexNix chariot logo for over 55's look at his 
Internet Cheat Sheet

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